A fly-over of the crowd at Scott Kelby's Shoot Like a Pro Tour in Washington, DC.


There’s just nothing like seeing it live. It’s inspiring. It’s exhilarating! Having that connection with the instructors and being a part of it all when hundreds of people all simultaneously just “get it” is really just an amazing experience. It recharges their creative battery and gives them the latest techniques on the tools they use to create, and there’s really just nothing like it. 

It’s why after all these years we think it’s so important to be out there, on the road, meeting the people we do it all for face-to-face. It’s the only way to really understand the challenges they’re facing in their day-to-day workflow, what they’re struggling with, and what we need to be focusing on next in our education. You just don’t get that type of feedback through email or on Facebook. 

Each year we travel to major cities in the US, Canada and England and it’s an important part of reaching out to the creative community. 

Our full-day seminars, which include a detailed printed workbook, are incredibly affordable. They’re still just $99 (the same price they were back in 1994) and existing KelbyOne members get a discount when they attend. 

At each event, a KelbyOne team is onsite, just outside the conference room, to help attendees who want to purchase downloadable courses, our educational books, or to join KelbyOne and become a full member. 

For the list of cities for our five current seminar tours, visit KelbyOneLive.com