The Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas


You’ve never seen a conference like it. Put a few thousand creative types in an enclosed space and just sit back and watch the fun unfold before your eyes (watch that video above and you’ll see what we mean). The passion, the excitement, the laughter, the learning; it’s three-days to forget the rest of the world even exists and just lose yourself in learning, inspiration, and an energized environment that fuels creative people like no place else.

It’s been described as a “three-day Photoshop love-fest” but it’s grown way beyond its original roots as a Photoshop-only conference. There are eight simultaneous training tracks, covering everything from Lightroom to lighting, from the business of social media to editing digital video. From harnessing the power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud to learning how to make a living as a creative; it’s all here, and attendees get to customize their Photoshop World experience their way. 


This isn’t your everyday conference and these aren’t your everyday people. We knew that going into it, and that’s why we added so many opportunities for networking, meeting new people, or just simply having fun. Like our “Dinner with a Stranger” night out, or our famous attendee parties at the House of Blues. Maybe it’s our “Midnight Madness” late-night session or playing video games with the instructors at GameWorks, nobody leaves Photoshop World with just training. It’s an experience. A really fun one!

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Check out the gallery below for a visual peek at what it’s all about.